Social Media Basics: LinkedIn for Beginners

We’ve had an influx of new users completely new to social media. This makes sense. Social Media use is continuing to grow, especially in the older demographic, and as more employers, customers and potential partners use social media to make decisions, these users are hoping to use our system to leverage social media for career advancement. This series was inspired to help all you new comers. Before you use our system to find jobs, close deals and control first impressions, you need to set up your profiles first.

  1. Signup for LinkedIn
  2. Upload a headshot. Keep it clean and professional. Smile, and look into the camera.
  3. Add your professional headline. In one sentence, describe what you’re up to today: “PR Director for AOL in Denver.” Or use it to display your career goals, such as “Graphic Designer Seeking Work in Boston.”
  4. Add your summary. This is the first thing people read to find out who you are. In less than two paragraphs, describe your passion, expertise, and highlight relevant experience.
  5. Add your experience. Highlight the tangible results you achieved in at least two past jobs. Be specific. Instead of “Responsible for new client acquisition,” say, “Cold-called 50 potential clients a week, converting 10% into paying customers.”
  6. Use applications to promote your content. Use LinkedIn’s WordPress app to display your recent blog posts and its SlideShare app to display relevant PowerPoint presentations.
  7. Ask for recommendations. Ask for recommendations from people who are qualified to describe your strengths, such as a project teammate or former boss. Follow proper request etiquette.
  8. Claim your public profile URL. Claim your public profile URL ( Put your profile URL in your email signature, resume, business card, blog, etc. in an attractive and easy to read format.
  9. Connect your Twitter account to auto-post updates.

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