How to Bury a Ripoff Report [Webinar]

Updated: If you would rather read this information instead of watching a video, head over to our latest Ripoff Report removal post.

Ripoff Reports are some of the most common types of negative search results we see – and can be particularly frustrating to deal with. In our most recent webinar, we covered some basic strategies for how to suppress a Ripoff Report in search results while also building a positive online presence, including:

  • What Ripoff Reports are & why they tend to rank so well in personal search results
  • What your options are for dealing with one
  • The best tactics for suppressing a Ripoff Report
  • Protecting your online reputation from negative results popping up in the future


Are you dealing with a Ripoff Report (or any type of unwanted search result)? Schedule a free consultation with a BrandYourself Reputation Advisor. We’ll take a look at your current search results and provide specific tips for how to improve them.