GUIDE: How BrandYourself’s CleanSearch technology works

When it comes to ORM for individuals and businesses, BrandYourself is consistently ranked as a top leader in the industry. BrandYourself’s mission is simple, to share the tools and services that people need to take control of their reputations. If you’re not sold on why your reputation matters, think again. 75% of employers are required to research candidates online, (Microsoft Cross Tab Survey).

And what they find determines whether you get the interview or rejected. And this isn’t a unique trend.

From potential business partners, to college acceptance, to landing a date, your online presence plays a huge role! That’s why BrandYourself is proud to share the world-class technology, business logic and machine learning processes behind the Google result scanner with our users.

About BrandYourself’s CleanSearch technology

At BrandYourself, we have spent years developing our DIY tool to make the process of improving your reputation online easy to follow and affordable. One of the features of the product is our CleanSearch technology. We worked with hiring managers, the latest research, the world’s leading machine learning and natural language processing experts, and analyzed our millions of Google results to automatically identify any webpages in your top 100 Google results that could pose a risk to your professional identity and decrease your earning potential.

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Our DIY tool’s Google scanner utilizes this CleanSearch technology to alert you to anything that could damage the reputation that you’ve spent so many years building. It then shows you steps you can take to improve your overall presence online with that in mind.

BrandYourself’s machine learning engine pulls from over 10 million Google results to help our tool accurately identify webpages that could leave a bad first impression.

What BrandYourself’s CleanSearch technology looks for

CleanSearch technology instantly finds the red flags that cause college admissions officers, hiring managers and businesspeople to decide NOT to work with you. No matter where you are in your career, people are looking you up, and there are certain universal red flags that will keep you from reaching your potential.

BrandYourself, positive factors, collegeIf you’re applying to college, avoid posting content that suggests the following to admissions officers:

And if you have posted this kind of stuff, our CleanSearch technology will find it right away so that you can delete it (if it’s something you published), or build a campaign to suppress it.

BrandYourself, CleanSearch, business, handshakeIf you’re farther along in your career, take note of the findings from CareerBuilder’s newest study. According to that, 54% of employers have found content on social media that caused them not to hire a candidate. According to CareerBuilder and Job-hunt, the reasons employers decided not to hire a candidate included those listed below. Our CleanSearch technology scans your Google results and flags content that falls under common red flags like:

  • Concerns about the candidate’s lifestyle
  • Inappropriate comments and text written by the candidate
  • Unsuitable photos, videos, and information
  • Comments criticizing previous employers, co-workers, or clients
  • Provocative or inappropriate photographs, videos or information
  • Information about them drinking or using drugs
  • Membership in certain groups and networks
  • Discriminatory comments related to race, gender, religion
  • Lied about qualifications
  • Poor communication skills
  • Linked to criminal behavior
  • Shared confidential information from previous employers
  • Unprofessional screen name
  • Lied about an absence

One of the most alarming parts about how your reputation online impacts your professional life has to do with the content that other people share about you. Employers reject candidates all the time based on other people’s comments, posts and tags on candidates’ profile. Our CleanSearch technology finds Google results that include:

  • Inappropriate comments, images or text posted by friends and relatives
  • Inappropriate comments, images or text posted by colleagues or work acquaintances
  • Profanity
  • References to weapons
  • Overly religious posts

BrandYourself’s CleanSearch technology uses millions of data points collected over the past decade.

In addition to the studies and research currently available regarding online risk factors, we turned to our own user data to refine BrandYourself’s CleanSearch technology.

brandyourself, cleansearch technologyWe analyzed millions of webpages that our users marked as negative over the past decade to ensure the accuracy of our tool. We’ve also employed the world’s leading machine learning experts to automatically identify patterns and factors that make something risky to your career. There is no other technology like it.

How our scanning technology maximizes your earning potential:

We’ve built sophisticated scanning technology that automatically analyzes your top 100 google results and notifies you if anything damaging pops up. If you have a negative search result, you can follow our action plan to suppress it yourself. By spending just 30 minutes a week following your action plan, you are not only increasing the chances that people will see something positive about you, but reducing the likelihood that they’ll see less flattering content. Take advantage of the technology that we’ve developed that alerts you to changes in search results and recommends specific steps you can take to improve your personal brand online over time.

If you don’t have time for DIY, check out our Managed Services and give us a call at 646.863.8226 or schedule a consultation and we’ll do the work for you. We look forward to hearing from you.