We started BrandYourself to bring honesty
and quality back to a broken industry.

When our co-founder Pete was in college applying for jobs, employers were
Googling him and finding...

Pete called every reputation company, but none would help him.

They were way too expensive for regular people, and refused to clearly describe their process. He couldn’t believe they charged such ridiculous prices without even explaining what they’d do.

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Luckily Pete teamed up with Patrick Ambron,
who knew search engines and helped fix his results.

They couldn't stop thinking about how the industry was broken, because it:

  • Catered only to wealthy people who can afford thousands of dollars – not regular people like Pete
  • Kept its processes hidden from customers – processes that are often outdated and ineffective
  • Made outrageous promises – like this claim to remove libelous info for "only $5,000" when Google lets anyone do it for free
  • Did low quality work – often outsourcing content creation overseas

So we founded BrandYourself to put reputation management in everybody's hands.

Our mission is to help people take back
control of their own lives online.

We do that by staying true to our core values:

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