They Finally Got It Right! How Google+ Makes Web Content More Valuable

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In the past couple of weeks or so, it seems like Google did something right in terms of social media. It almost seems ironic that Google, the Internet’s biggest search provider, has failed to release a solid social-networking platform. Either it was too complicated, or just not popular enough, Google hasn’t really found their special sauce. But now they have with Google +, and it’s not only blossoming into a sizable force to be reckoned with, but really changing the game for content owners.


Google+ Makes ‘Friends’ More Realistic

See, with sites like Myspace and Facebook, you’re either friends with someone, or not. Being “friends” allows you to send messages to one another and share content (photos, video and links). Those who aren’t you’re friends are limited to the the content you choose to be public (usually profile pictures, and some profile information). In the real world however, things don’t really work that way and that’s what our friends at Google realized when developing their new service.

Google+ organizes all of the people you are connected to into what they call “circles”. You can have your close friends in one circle, your co-workers in another, and your business associates in another circle. This allows you to separate the content you share into your circles, so your boss won’t see the crazy night you had.

Google+ Makes Content More Valuable

And how exactly does this make content more valuable? Well, think of it as an issue of trust. Would you rather trust a close friend, or a friend of a friend of a friend? If your close friend posts a link to your circle, you’re probably going to be more inclined to click it than if it was a stranger on a constantly updating news-feed. This allows for a very easy distribution of content, across a very versatile medium.

This is precisely the reason that Google + has been so successful, despite not even being public. It ensures that the content that you share gets into the hands of the people that you want seeing it most. It’s going to be very interesting to see how Google + will adapt to it’s user base during it’s beta phase. I think it’s safe to say that Google finally found the winning formula.  To view some other reasons why Google+ is going to be a success, check out 10 Reasons to Jump on the Google+ Bandwagon!

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