Online Reputation Management: How to Leave Effective Blog Comments

Blog comments are a great way to build relationships with people in your field online, create positive touchpoints for your personal brand, and link back to your best content online.

Posting comments on blogs demonstrates that you’re an active member of your field,  that you’re passionate enough to participate in conversations related to your area of expertise, and you’re intelligent enough to add value to conversations in your space.

Here are some tips to make sure that your blog comments leave the strongest impression possible.

Blog comment checklist:

Your blog comments should…

  • Add new insight to the post or concisely answer someone else’s question in the comments
  • Include your name (the one you want people to find you with when they search for you in Google)
  • Include a link to your profile or website (boosting the Google rank of your site and leading more people there)
  • Include your tagline/position (a short phrase that describes to strangers what you do)
  • Have no spelling or grammar mistakes (you usually can’t edit it later)
  • Not not put anyone down (if arguing, provide counterpoints and don’t attack individuals)

Commenting on blogs leaves a trail of “digital breadcrumbs” that people (employers, co-workers, bosses, first dates, etc.) will find when they type your name into Google. So always keep this checklist in mind. Your comments are permanent!

Blog comments, forums comments, book reviews and contributing to wiki articles are just a few ways to leave a trail of breadcrumbs online that builds a web presence worthy of remark, differentiating you from others. Strengthen your personal brand across the web, one insight at a time.

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  1. 1
    Jun Loayza

    Hey Pete, I think you have a great thing going with this blog. A lot of people either don’t know how to build their personal brand, or have no idea why. I’ll definitely link this up to my network.

    I just did an episode on FDTV about a topic very relevant to your blog. It is about using social media to build your personal brand. You can check it out here.

    Hope you enjoy the vid and let me know if you have any feedback.

    – Jun Loayza

  2. 2
    Pete Kistler


    Right on! I checked out your FDTV video and loved it. Lots of great advice and tools to strengthen your personal brand in an age where social media is king.

    Readers: if you haven’t seen Jun’s video (linked above), it’s worth your time to check it out.


    – Pete Kistler

  3. 3
    Pete Kistler


    Good to hear from you! You’re absolutely right: blog comments are not just light conversation on the web. They are a powerful marketing tactic that – when done right – will get you noticed.

    Thanks for stopping by,

    – Pete Kistler

  4. 5

    Do you have revenue sharing enabled on your blog – I’d like to start blogging as guest blogger if you offer Adsense/Chitka/Kontera/Amazon revenue sharing.

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  6. 8
    Paul Arthur Frame Jr.

    Thank you, Pete Kistler, for all of your efforts on behalf of those interested in managing their own online presence.  I have been using Brand Yourself for 6 weeks and the difference is remarkable.  I have found all of the Brand Youself comments and suggestions enlightening and very workable for me.  I have initiated several blogs as part of my “Brand Yourself Experience” and I have enjoyed this new way of online expression and communication with others with similar interests.  I must also say that the experience of using the Brand Yourself elements to make positive change in my online presence has given me new found confidence.  Paul Arthur Frame Jr. @ http://paularthurframejr.brand…  Many thanks for all of your hard work!!! 

  7. 12
    Lori Gama ♥

    Good article. Also, posting thoughtful comments on high-traffic websites that have good online reputations helps your own online reputation, too. Since I help people increase and improve their online visibility through social media marketing, SEO and web design, I really enjoy finding blog posts such as this one that I can pass along to my clients. Thanks!

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