Want to Look Better in Search Engines? We’ve Got Your Back

BrandYourself’s New Product

You may have noticed that over the last couple of weeks we have stopped letting people sign up for our current product.  Many of you have asked what’s going on, and wondered why you can no longer sign up for a free account.  No, our CEO has not been kidnapped by wolves- we’re actually in the process of preparing to launch a new, more powerful product that will help you get yourself to the top of search results!

Our loyal readers such as yourself can click here to receive early access to the system,  but for those of you who want to hear more about it, please keep reading and we’ll give you more information on how the new system works.

How Does It Work?

Our new system does three main things:

  1. 1. Allows You to Submit or Build the Content You Want In Your Top Search Results: This includes Facebook, LinkedIn, a personal website, an article you were mentioned in, anything. You can also create a high ranking website right from our platform in a matter of seconds.
  2. 2. Helps You Boost Your Results to the Top. Our system keeps track of these results and guides you through all the steps you can take to boost them to the top of search engines, so they can bury negative, irrelevant, or results that aren’t even about you.
  3. 3. Track Your Results to Make Sure You Stay On The Top: Once you have your results on the top we keep track of them so that you always know where you stand.  Not only can you watch the results that you submitted to your BrandYourself account, but you will also receive alerts when new content about you shows up online.


And It’s Free: That’s right, our new product is going to be free. There will be premium services that you can upgrade to, but for many users, our basic service is all they’ll ever need to improve their reputation.

How Long Have We Been Working On This?

We’ve been keeping this under wraps for almost half of a year.  After we released our first product we quickly gained a lot of users, all of whom were very impressed by our ability to help them rank higher for their name.  After seeing how effective our old product was, we realized that we could create an even more powerful, far-reaching product.  We raised a Series A round of funding from some of the best Angels and Firms in our field, hired some of the best engineers in the business, and have been working on the new product ever since.

Who is Our New Product For?

We designed our product for anybody who wants a stronger presence in search engines.  This includes job applicants, small business owners, professional service providers, professional in the work place, entrepreneurs, and many more.  Since most people are going to be Googled by an interviewer before they even shake their interviewer’s hand, what shows up about you on search engines is your new first impression.  Google your name and see if you fall into any of these categories, BrandYourself can help:

  • Negative Content Category: In today’s world, it is way too easy to have unflattering content on the web. All it takes is an unnoticed tagged photo, a disgruntled ex-colleague, employer, or spouse, or even a simple mistake you make that gets broadcasted online.  A negative result completely undermines your entire online reputation, but BrandYourself gives you the tools to salvage that by helping you replace negative content with positive content that pushes negative results further and further down.  84% of people never look past the first page of results, and even if they do, they’ve just been through pages of positive content.
  • Low-ranking Content: Many people work very hard to create a strong online presence (they build a site, create a LinkedIn, etc) but when you Google their name none of it shows at the top of results!  It’s all irrelevant, somebody else with the same name, or worse, even negative.  They put in all this work, yet when someone searches for them, they find none of it. With BrandYourself, all you need to do is add that content to your dashboard, and our system walks you through the steps of boosting that content higher in search engines. We’ll keep track of it’s progress and alert you as it begins to rise!
  • No Content At All: Quite simply, if you have nothing positive about you anywhere the web, you can’t expect to have favorable search results. Our system allows you to create a high ranking personal website in a matter of seconds. The system will also walk you through the process of creating other types of content like social media profiles, online directories and blog posts, then help you track them and boost them higher in your search results.

Early Access:

As I said above, we wanted to offer you, our readers, early access to our new system before the rest of the public.  If you’d like early access please click here and input your information and we’ll have one of our search engine reps contact you with information regarding the new system and how you can get personalized setup for your account as well.  If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email: [email protected].  Oh and I almost forgot, here’s a sneak peek of the dashboard of our new system– please let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Stay tuned for our post that will be coming out soon on Lorenzo Von Matterhorn, it’s been fun writing it and I can’t wait for you to read it!