Career Branding: Say Hello to New Connections by Spicing Up Your Online Branding

Online Branding

Do you ever get frustrated with your online platforms and feel like you’re not getting anywhere? The only new Twitter followers you get are spam bots or completely unrelated to your interests? Your LinkedIn sitting without any updates for months? While I can’t guarantee this will gain you thousands of followers a day, there are some easy ways to help boost your time spent online.

Blogging with Personality

One of the easiest ways to attract fellow Internet users’ attention is to really put yourself out there with an interesting, unique blog. You can be the best writer in the world and come out with groundbreaking information on your blog, but no one will care if the writing is lifeless. People like to hear other people talk. They like to gossip and have conversations. Putting as many large words as you can into a post to sound like an expert or just come off as highly professional is all well and good for other geniuses out there looking for blogs to read, but not the average person. You can still write about things that matter. You can still have information-filled posts. But you should put a little bit of yourself in your writing. Try some humor or catch words. Stay away from all the isms and words people will need to look up with a dictionary. By having an interesting writing style and approach to writing your blog, more people will gain an interest in you.

Tweet the Important Stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Stuck in traffic? Lazing about in bed? Eating a carrot? While all those are absolutely thrilling, it might be best to just keep it on the DL. While people like gossip and to keep track of their friends’ every moves, you may want to keep in mind Internet creeps and stalkers and hold back on some of the riveting details of your life. Think about your tweets as a common ground between you and current, as well as potential, followers. They should reflect your interests, certainly, but they should also reflect some news or helpful information to you and those in your field.

You only have 140 characters to explain to your followers what matters to you, why it matters, and why they should care. Simply posting links to articles without any explanation or throwing out a “Read this” won’t get you far. It’s also important to retweet from companies or people you’re interested in connecting with or are just related to your field that you find interesting. The Twitterverse is all about balance between retweeting and posting your own tweets, being helpful and talking about yourself, and reaching out to connect with new followers as well as staying connected with the old. With some practice, tweeting will become easy as pie.

Put in the Effort to Connect

Having a lot of followers on Twitter, thousands of Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections is nice. All those people might make you feel popular or all high and mighty…but are they meaningful? A lot of connections does you a whole lot of good only if you’re actually interacting with them and making it count. Not that you can’t have any followers you don’t personally get to know, but not knowing any is a big no no. If you’re shy in real life, get over it online because being outgoing and personable is the only way to guarantee yourself some worthwhile connections. Try to chat every so often via email or the occasional tweeting at some friends. Don’t get discouraged if the people you want to connect with don’t respond right away. Just keep retweeting and trying to connect, and eventually it will pay off. But, remember, balance balance. Don’t get annoying or desperate in pursuing connections by tweeting at everyone under the sun all day long.

Stick to writing interesting blog posts, tweeting about things of importance to you and you’ll start gaining more connections. Most importantly, have fun with your time online. Stressing about every aspect of life will only suck the joy out of it, so at the very least have some fun online!

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